Phase 1 Complete!

It’s true, the first phase of our show’s collaborative creation is complete… THE SCRIPT IS DONE! Beginning in mid-November, the Mad Munchkins have been meeting and hashing out the details of our next original production, “The Man Who Turned into a Fish.” The idea for the show originated in a dream that Technical Director Alan Pagel had over the summer.  it had been swimming around the the back of the collective Mad Munchkin brain for months just asking to be turned into a show.  Alan proposed it to the Core Company who immediately took to the idea.  Once the basic story line was decided upon, things really got cooking in December and early January. Fueled by holiday baked goods our team has created a wonderful watery story of one man’s journey and his love of everything fish.

Eight writers contributed in all including core company members Jen Rand, Ted Hansen, and Cameron Hager, co founders Laura Wilhelm and Alan Pagel, and the creative minds Larissa Shea, Aaron Radatz, and Bryce Larson. Everyone brought something different to the table from their personal experiences with fish and water, and sharing ranged from articles and songs, to photos and paintings.   Since the story is largely told through imagery artist Ted Hansen lent a hand with continuous story-boarding while ideas flowed at Mad Munchkin Headquarters. (See a few idea pages posted here) The group also used improvisation to generate dialogue (and hilarious one-liners) for the comic relief scene whole with Laura Wilhelm serving as scribe to translate the improv into a scripted piece. By mid-Jan (and after hosting a terrific fundraiser) the story was complete…. and the group is very pleased with our collaborative efforts! Now onto PHASE 2- Design and Composition!  Director Laura Wilhelm and sound designer Bryce Larson have begun working with local composer Richard Sloss on creating original music for the show including a “Theme for the Man.”  Multiple designers are  problem solving on the set pieces and dozen of puppets that flesh out the story.  Word is there may even be a black light sequence!  More to come soon as those amazing puppets start to emerge! Stay Tuned!