Millions and Billions Of Bugs!

With the show written, the design process had descended upon the Mad Munchkins. With dozens of characters to dream up, the team jumped into a frenzy of image research to get them started. Research?!?! Isn’t that one big yawn? Not this kind of research….

“I can’t stop looking at bugs!”, says Artistic Director Laura Wilhelm.  “The variation never ends, and talk about a wild array of beauty and horror!  Each one is newly fantastic in some other bizarre and fascinating way.  When we are together working in the studio, you hear over and over “Whoa, cool… look at this one!”

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Working with company member Ted Hansen as the ultimate bug sketch artists, the Mad Munchkins have created dozens of insect characters to inhabit Paper Garden: Entomos.  Each group of bugs has a stylization- from the ornate, to armor-like, to comical cartoon.”It is always so amazing to collaborate on designing our puppets, ” says Hansen.  “I’ll just sketch out half a dozen ideas and someone latches onto one idea and just takes off!  When I sketch I’m imagining it in 3D, but putting into 2D form on paper. Then another Mad Munchkin comes along and transforms it into actual three dimensional space bringing their own imagination to my sketch as well.  Seeing the new product always blows me away!”

Soldier Ant Sketch by Ted Hansen

Soldier Ant Sketch by Ted Hansen

The walls of the MMP studio space at Driftwood Community Arts are covered in sketches of of insects of all shapes and sizes.   Now the hard part begins…. how are they going to make all of those crazy bugs?

“Let’s just start with the heads and take it from there, ” says Wilhelm.  Stay tuned for buggy bodies in the near future!