We’re Off Book! Get your Tickets NOW!

Us: “We’re off book!!”
You: “What does that mean?”
Us: “It means the actors have all memorized their lines and we are rehearsing without scripts in hand! Yippee!”

Rehearsals for Mad Munchkin Production’s latest work, Paper Garden: Entomos, have just keyed up to a new level. Now that the papers have been put aside, the real work of rehearsal begins.IMG_1625

“It is especially crucial for puppetry work to memorize early so your hands can be free. You can’t animate a puppet and hold a script at the same time,” says director Laura Wilhelm.

Because Paper Garden has more dialogue than many of the other shows MMP has done in the past, Wilhelm lead the company in a different approach to this production. In the first weeks of rehearsal, she took the cast through the script to learn the story and develop the characters before adding the puppets into the rehearsal hall.

“We experimented with voices and did rough staging with our own bodies rather than the puppets. My goal was to let them feel there way through the storytelling first, learning it physically as well as getting familiar with the words. The hope was that this would then make for a smoother transition to channeling that energy into the puppets. The best part? It worked!”, beams Laura.

Artistic Director Laura Wilhelm working with the cast on a shadow puppet sequence.

Now with that hurdle behind them, Wilhelm and the cast barrel into the meticulous detail and technical feats that make Mad Munchkin puppetry into the magic you anticipate! While they toil their way towards dress rehearsal and incorporating all the technical elements show your support- buy your tickets today!

Space is limited for each performance, so MMP strongly suggests that you reserve your place buy purchasing your tickets ahead of time online with a credit or debit card. Tickets at the door are CASH ONLY. Don’t miss this buggy adventure!