Rolling Out on the Tour Trail!

Just how do you prepare for a Garage Tour? By rehearsing in the garage of course!

The cast and crew of Mad Munchkin Productions have been hard at work preparing for the upcoming “Spooky Spectacular and Harvest Hullabaloo.” This is the first touring production that MMP has attempted, and the team has learned a few things already about what to expect. The rehearsals began a very short four weeks ago at Mad Munchkin Headquarters, but have since graduated to rehearsing in “tour simulation mode”.

In other words… IN THE GARAGE!

Cast of "The Spooky Spectacular" rehearsing with Z Munch Zombie and Cleo the Mummy

Cast of “The Spooky Spectacular” rehearsing with Z Munch Zombie and Cleo the Mummy

“But not just in our garage, ” says Artistic Director Laura Wilhelm. “We took a practice run to a garage in St Paul last week so we could try out setting up the scenery, lights, and sound in a totally familiar space.” How did it go? The team reports that while it took some adaption, everything fit in place, functioned well, and even the fog machine was a success! The Munchkins know, however, that they have to be prepared for anything.

Here are some of the nuggets they have taken away from the experience already:

1. Don’t wear white. You might get dirty. While the hosts have all been wonderful about preparing their garages for our arrival, it is, after all, still a garage and dirty cars park in there.

2. Bring a sweatshirt. (and hat, scarf, mittens, extra socks, and long Johns). You might get cold. While Minnesotans have been enjoying a unusually warm autumn, the normal fall temperatures are back just in time for the tour. Rumors of snowflakes have been heard, and the puppeteers have seen their breath through more than one rehearsal already.garage pics 004

3. Bring a head lamp. It gets dark in the back yard, or the alley, or in the cul-de-sac. When hands are full of curtains and props you might have a hard time folding a flashlight, and that smartphone screen doesn’t put out enough light to keep you from tripping over the garden hose.

4. Pay attention to where you set things. Better yet don’t set things down. The dark and the nether-corners of a garage are worse than a kite eating tree. They are quiet and hungry. They will eat your shadow puppet, or tiny prop, or camera, or keys, or wallet. And it is quite the ordeal to get them back.

5. Expect the unexpected and bring lots of tape. Duct tape, gaff tape, scotch tape, electrical tape… so many problems solved with tape! And if you want to be a real pro- throw in some safety pins and a hot glue gun.

There you have it folks- 5 ingredients to a magical puppet tour. Be on the look-out for MMP’s “Spooky Spectacular and Harvest Hullabaloo” in a garage near you! Opening Saturday October 18th and running through Sunday October 27th.

It’s going to be a SCREAM!

Puppeteer Ted Hansen in the midst of setting up in a Minneapolis garage.  Stage and curtains are ready to go!

Puppeteer Ted Hansen in the midst of setting up in a Minneapolis garage. Stage and curtains are ready to go!

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