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Mad Munchkin Productions presents
Into the Dark

MMP is once again the creators of an all new series of puppetry shorts.  Each of these eight pieces draw their inspiration from the title phrase, but no two are alike.  From a daring knight and a space mission, to shape shifting wings and animated furniture, this show will delight every age.  Puppetry in multiple forms, music, and storytelling through movement will be your companions as you take our hands and follow us Into the Dark!

Tickets: $15 – Buy Online Now!
Appropriate for all Ages. Most entertaining for ages 8 and up. Run Time 60-75 min.      

All performances at Dreamland Arts
677 Hamline Ave N
St. Paul, MN 55104

Sept 30th 7pm (reception to follow)
October 1st 3pm & 7PM

October 7th 7pm
October 8th 3pm & 7pm

Featuring the talents of…Marc Berg, Siri Brobst, Eric Elefson, Aaron Fiskradatz, Rhiannon Fiskradatz, Janice Geis, Thelmore Jackson, Thalia Kostman, Bryce Larson, Alan Pagel, Josh Vogen, Abbee Warmoe, Laura Wilhelm, & Alex Yang.

Pieces Include:

“Tomb of the Colossus” created by Marc Berg and Josh Vogen. An intrepid knight ventures into the depth of a mysterious catacomb where the promise of treasure- and grave danger- await.

“Get Lit” created by Eric Elefson. What if Prometheus didn’t share the secret of fire with the human race?

“After” created by Aaron Fiskradatz. A lone survivor looks for companionship in the ruins of civilization.

“Metamorphosis” created by Rhiannon Fiskradatz. A faerie’s evolution through the light and dark sides of life.

“One Match” created by Thalia Kostman. This dark comedy fuses mime and puppetry to explore what happens when all you have left in your pocket is one match.

“The Cyclist” created by Alan Pagel. A bicyclist looks backwards.

“Long Distance Call” created by Laura Wilhelm with Abbee Warmboe. When the call comes, this fuzzy monster answers.