Paper Garden: Entomos Photos

Unrest in the Garden. Intelligent young Naoko loves digging in the dirt and keeping the company of creepy crawly friends, but her parents have very different ideas of how a girl should behave to ensure her future. When lightning strikes, it is more than just the tree that splits into factions. Can the insects she loves help Naoko mend her world…and theirs too?

Inspired by Mad Munchkin Productions co-founders Laura Wilhelm and Alan Pagel’s impressions from their recent travels in Japan, and an unfinished piece of Edo period Japanese literaturePaper Garden: Entomos was presented in a non-traditional audience setting. Guests meandered through Naoko’s garden, populated with puppets and masked characters, as the story unfolded all around.

Take a stroll through the garden with these production photographs by Jim McFarlane.

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